Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peter sketch

Le Cool review

We got a great write up in this week's Le Cool!
Text below:

Brainbelt Illustration Collective

Have you ever wondered how Bigfoot staves off boredom? Or how a spider plays the symbols? These ever pressing ponderings can be answered by taking a trip through the arch and into the wonderful world presented by the Brainbelt Illustration Collective. In this engaging and delightful show you can enjoy the creations of nine artists. Diarmuid Ó Catháin will bring out a smile with his fantastic Punphabet, C being for cheesus; a bearded cheese, and F being for furrari - you can guess where this is going... Lyn Allen invites you to follow the documented social diary of the glamorous and sophisticated Maud and her floating cat Minet. Other delights are the fantastical creatures of Kevin, Peter and Ann, 3D scenes of colourful characters, and the musings of Duffy Mooney-Shepard’s single lined figure. / Sarah Maguire

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brainbelt Poster

Our lovely Brainbelt poster by designer Dave Kenny